Best Out of Waste Empty Cream Boxes Craft Idea/reuse ideas for household items

cream beauty products

Nothing is wasted on this Earth whether it is a natural or artificial thing. There are still hundreds and thousands of ways in which those things can be used again. And because now everyone’s attention is diverted towards eco-friendly and recycling packaging so it is obligatory on every person to make the environment neat and green. For that reason, one has to stop dumping the empty things around to create masses of pollution and start recycling them with different craft ideas. Every day we buy new products such as different beauty products where we can use cream boxes for different ideas instead of throwing them away. 

Gift baskets:

Thinking of giving presents to your beloved ones, a perfume or a watch on their birthday or an anniversary? You can use these packets to easily wrap the gift and make it look more attractive with simple techniques. You can tie a ribbon or stick a card to it as well. They are the best and quick solution for giving a gift.

Use them as Give-away:

You can make these small containers into small candy boxes to give away at a party. As they are available in different sizes and shapes they can easily fill up with the confectionaries to distribute among the children at a get-together or a birthday party.

Can embellish them with different things:

You can use cream boxes wholesale to make different decors for the home. As they are mostly made of the paperboard or cardboard stock so they are flexible to use. They can be easily opened into a flat surface or cut into different shapes to use. You can use glue to attach a variety of embellishments to make them eye-catching for your guests. They can be decorated with small to big beads, stone, and brooches. Even a piece of lace and ribbons can be added to them. You can even paint them with your favorite colors and give them a new look that no one can guess the magic you have applied to them. Let your creativity make it look just like a new invention.

Pencil holder or stationary case:

They can be made into a stationary box for the kids. They can use it to place their pencil colors and color pens inside and thus easily lock up the lid to make it safe and secure. They are made into pencil holders by cutting one opening and adding a little support of tap at the other end so it can stand where you want it to hold. They are cheap to make and safe for the kids to use.

Medicine box:

Sometimes the leaflet of the tablets gets smashed into the bag and thus the medicine gets contaminated with other things so you can use these containers to safely place your medicine into them and can have your pill with a chill.

Small accessories keeper:

Women have to face problems like what to take with them and what to not when they have to go to a party. The simple and small accessories are hard to find in the darkness of the bag when you need them. So you can use these little cases for the little things such as hairpins, ear studs, thread, needle or any other rare and small things you find difficult to get when in need.

A new casement for the old things:

If you have a perfume or cream whose box has wear or torn out due to some reason then you can use these cartoons as a new encasement for them. This will make your belongings stay safe and preserved from scratches and sharp things.

Easy to carry on the go:

When travelling for some camping or picnic we want to carry the stuff we use a lot so you can simply place the small containers such as gums/mints, lotions and shampoo into these packs. They would stay safe and would not leak out in the luggage making other things dirty. You can easily take them out whenever you want to use them.  

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